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We Are Coming Along Nicely Here At SiX Radio ... We Now Have Many Location On And Out Of SL
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STOP AIDS NOW ~ Relay For Life 2011
In My Profile, Sn0wy Babii
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Salvation City

SiX Asylum In Carthage

(Wear Attached HuD-Start Media-Watch The Movie From Anywhere On The Sim/Land We R On)

Movie Preview

These R NOT Just OC - Please IC & Welcome Some OC Fun Into YOUR R/P

If You Have Questions IM Me. TY!

Call Out Your Nemesis For A One On One Fight!

Ever wish you had an opportunity to fight that one person.. AGAIN? Sun June 5 Want a chance to either even the score .. or make them wish they had never met you AGAIN?

Now you can... Tell us the name and we will invite them to a match... you and your NEMESIS! if they are truly a warrior, they will accept your invitation all in good sportsmanship event.. to have the pleasure of reading their name in local.. defeated by YOU!

Call early to get a spot on the fight card!

IM Starling Torrance For More Info

*REM CITY* CCS Combat Dark Urban, Rem (192, 114, 94)
Happy B-Day REM - June 4th & 5th

8pm slt Live On SiX Radio REM First Ever Talk Show - All Questions, Comments Will Be In Rem Groups Chat - Free Plz Join

11am slt - SiX Radio DJ Sn0wy

12pm to 2pm slt - Spin with Dahlia Poliatevska & Starling Torrance ... Sim Fund Raiser

2pm to 4pm slt - Nemis

5pm to 7pm slt - Pink Floyd Concert

7pm to 9pm slt - SIM NPC ... XP Awards

9pm to 12am slt - SiX DJ & Hunt

12am slt - FireWorks North Point Hospital

Movie In REM Theater

Plz Watch Notices To Stay Informed Of This Weekend REM Events
REM - Rem (192, 114, 94)

SiX Asylum - Tiranitus (196, 35, 64)

Now Playing: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

You Can Also Wear This HuD, Turn On Media In Sl, And Watch The Movie Anywhere On The Sim In Rem Or Land At The Asylum

Movie Preview

Any Ideas, Comments, Suggestions, Conserns Please IM Sn0wy Babii


*hugz kotc*


SiX Radio/Productions Rem Region Staff
Sun. April 24th - SiX Radio Easter Egg Hunt Please Come Join Us And Spend Easter Jumpin Across Multi Sims On A Egg Hunt
( Hunt, Find Egg, Click It, & Collect Your Linden )
DJ's Live On SiX Radio Taking Your Music Requests And Shaking Ass To Kick Ass Tunes
Hunt WIll End With Movie In SiX Productions Theaters Located In:
REM - SiX Radio Tower (1st Floor) Theater
Carthage - SiX Asylum Theater
Or Wear Your SiX Radio HuD When On Sim/Land Streaming SiX Productions Movies And Watch From Your HuD
Locations For The Hunt?
U Will Need To Tune Into SiX Radio On Easter Sunday April 24, 2011
♫ SiX Radio♫
-=SiX Productions=-
Free Movies & Movie Rentals
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Stream Rentals - IM Me For Info
~ It's All In The Entertainment Baby! ~
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Happy Easter!

SiX Radio Easter Egg Hunt Locations:

DJ Sn0wy Babii - ( Hunt Intill All Eggs R Found )
Rem 195, 116, 94

Vampire Island
DJ Sn0wy Babii -( Hunt Intill All Eggs R Found )
Vampire Island 96, 129, 24

DJ Sn0wy Babii - ( Hunt Intill All Eggs R Found )
Bronx 10, 248, 706

Salvation City
DJ Charlie75 Aarcana - ( Hunt Intill All Eggs R Found )
Salvation City 112, 192, 26

??????????? ~ Tune In To Find Out ( Thats Why His Name Is Mystery )
DJ MysteryChill Cosmos = MC

Carthage - ( The Crypt )
DJ Lance Graf ( Hunt Intill All Eggs R Found )
Stiros 194, 124, 66
Stiros 126, 129, 52

Stores and Clubs:
SiX Asylum
DJ Jang Talon - ( Hunt Intill All Eggs R Found ) Watch A Movie!
Tirabitus 195, 54, 54

Club Carnage
Hunt Going On All Day!
Carnage 105, 171, 23

Cats Cardle
Hunt Going On All Day!
Serena Carmel 100, 83, 21

.:Pens by Earl:.
Hunt Going On All Day!
Gooruembalchi 143, 100, 50


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